Retro Reaction #33.4 Bret Vs Owen – Battle of the Harts

One of the first matches I saw on my (then) brand new Sky Analogue TV was on WWF Superstars where Owen Hart took on someone I had never heard off. This was actually the first time I had seen a “enhancement talent” or “jobber” match. But anyways…

Owen came to the ring wearing his brothers trademark shades. Those wrap around Pink ones. He then held them out in front of a child and tore them to bits shouting about how he was so much better than his brother.

I remember thinking.. What an a$$$hole! Of course I was nine and this was all real to me. I really hated Owen Hart. Then you look back now and think… This was a feud that wasn’t based around the obligatory title match, this was about animosity and jealousy, brother vs brother. This was a feud that you could really get into. It was thanks to SummerSlam 1994 and the VHS review of the year 1994 that I got the whole story.

Bret and Owen were Survivor Series team mates at 1993 and the seeds of animosity were already well sown by then. Team Hart got the victory but the Bret/Owen squabble put it all on the family feud. Then at the Royal Rumble the two Harts were to team up but yet again the same thing happened. They could not get along.

This led to a match at WrestleMania – A match that was by this point had received around 6 months of build (when can you last remember that happening!) and to everyone’s surpirse Owen won. This was part of the genesis of Owen Hart. A victory over his brother made him cocky. Then he won the King of the Ring and declared himself “The King of Harts”

That had all led to this moment .. Me getting Sky TV and the SummerSlam 94 grudge match between Bret Hart and Owen Hart inside a Steel Cage.

Today a steel cage match is often athrown away. In 1994 it was quite an event and the match at Summerslam (Bret is victorious this time) is quite simply one of the best matches I have ever seen. Watching it back for Retro Reaction now the match is slow… Which is both a sign of its era and something that is often missed. When the big bumps come, and they do, they have an impact within the story they were telling.

If you have the WWE Network I would advise a watch of Bret Vs Owen at Summerslam 1994. But be warned it is different to today’s action.

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