Retro Reaction #34.0 The Last of the No Internet Generation

The next set of Retro Reaction’s come direct from my childhood. A time when there was no Internet. We were the last generation to experience this, and depending on the way you look at it this was either a blessing or a curse. A question I will be looking at in the final part of this 6 part set.
Here’s what’s coming here at Retro Reaction.

34.1 Frustration, Mousetrap, and Twister – The No plug games
These were the games that required no plug! But in this Reaction I’m going to ask… Were they actually fun?

34.2 Water Fights in the Summer and Silly String for Christmas

There was a lot of this! Good clean fun… Perhaps. Again I look back and think were they actually fun? Especially if you weren’t too fast and they brought out those heavy duty buckets or the hose pipes.

34.3 Rounder’s, Kirby, Racing and Sport in general
You can probably guess from previous entries into this blog that I am not a “sports guy” (I have no coordination) however I sometimes played these.. And sometimes (not often) I even enjoyed them.

34.4 Bulldog, Block, Hide and Seek, and Tag.
In part four we will look at some popular games. Bulldog I doubt would get past today’s health and safety whilst some of the others were more than a little odd. Still preferable to sport.

34.5 Den Building and War
I was good at the first one of these. Not Bear Grylls good, but not bad, but as far as “playing war?” I still don’t get it. I suspect I never will.

34.6 Were we happier?
Big question and one I’m only really 1/2 qualified to ask. We had the Internet by 1995 but not in the way we do now. The big question is were we happier then? Were we safer?

Until Next Time
Have a Great Dayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!