Retro Reaction #34.5 Den Building and War

Today’s Reaction looks at two odd childhood activities, ones I assume were universal.

War always seemed like it should be fun. When my brother was younger he went through a phase of wanting toy guns. We had plenty of them. Having friends round and dividing in to teams all seemed quite exciting until the actual game started. War had one big disadvantage. The guns didn’t actually shoot anything. At least with water fights… Well the person on the receiving end got wet. Easy to see that they were hit. But with this someone shouting “Bang, you’re dead” and some sod making a load of noise then saying “that was a machine gun you’re all dead.” Realistic as it may be… It was not fun.

However, making dens. There was something I thought I was good at. (I later had a tree house). But initially making places to sit in the bottom of hedgerows seemed exciting. Sometimes though I got this wrong. I remember one place we had that was dry.. The outside toilet. So one day I decide to take my stuff out to the outside loo to “move to my new house”.

How proud I was.. moving all my stuff into the small smelly outside loo. I’m glad to say it didn’t last long. A few hours sat in there sulking and I realised my “new house” may not be as great as I thought.

There we have it.. Over the last few weeks I have shared my memories of how things were before the internet. So it is with these in mind I ask the question we have been leading up to.

Were we happier with no internet?

Until Next Friday. Have a great Dayyyyyyyyy!!!!!