Retro Reaction #33.0 Road to Wrestlemania

Well, after years of being a wrestling fan I will finally be making my way to a WrestleMania. So as I sit down to write this set of reaction I wanted to look back at some of the story’s in professional Wrestling that made me enjoy Pro Wrestling.

I became a fan in around 1995 / 1996. Some of my favourites predate this because I watched wrestling sporadically thanks to VHS tapes picked up at a local bootsale,

Hogan Vs. Sgt Slaughter


Two of those tapes I mentioned earlier were Royal Rumble 1991 and WrestleMania 7. The story off Sgt Slaughter’s rise to the WWF championship. This one was all about patriotism.


Hogan Vs Warrior

Two complete babyfaces. Arguably the faces of the company at the time. Also it was title for Title.


Undertaker Vs. Undertaker

(Undertaker vs. Million Dollar Team)
This was bizarre, The WWF decided to try the real life equivalent of a mortal kombat mirror match. For 1 night.. There really were 2 Undertakers.


Brett Hart Vs. Owen Hart


This one took place from around 1993 through the whole of 1994 and beyond. Brothers at War, years before Kane and The Undertaker.


Michaels Vs. Camp Cornette


Michaels received his first real run with the title in 1996 against James Cornette evil faction. This rivalry headlined most of the WWF In Your House Pay Per View events

Steve Austin Vs. Bret Hart


At an odd time in wrestling history one of my all time Favourites Bret Hart was positioned against bad guy Steve Austin.. And the crowd were behind Austin. What followed was one of the most iconic rivalry’s I have ever seen.

It’s all about the Retro Wrestling for Retro Reaction #36.0 Road to Wrestlemania

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