Retro Reaction #33.1 Road to Wrestlemania – Hogan Vs Slaughter

The WWF in 1991.

The eighties boom in wrestling had largely subsided and we were left with a show that was in keeping with Saturday morning Cartoon’s. Hulk Hogan played the all American hero to perfection and the Ultimate Warrior was setting the crowds on fire with his running to the ring, shaking the ropes and those very odd interviews he gave.


The highlight of my Royal Rumble 1991 video tape was of course the Rumble match itself. But the surprise came in the WWF title match on the same card. The Ultimate Warrior was to take on American turn coat and Iraq sympathiser Sgt Slaughter. There was no way I could see Slaughter winning. So when the Macho King hit Warrior with his magic sceptre (wish I was joking) suddenly the Warrior (who previously could kick out of anything) was out and Slaughter was the champion.

Slaughter did some despicable things in his short reign. He set the American flag on fire, and claimed Hulkamania was Pukeamania (what a b@stard)! To be honest I used to watch Slaughter do these things and listen to a whole building full of people lose their minds and think… I bet he is having so much fun with this!
It was so panto, but brilliant too.

Wrestlemania 7 was the other part of this set. A Wrestlemania moved from a 100,000 seated venue (the record WWE are going for this year) over security concerns (yes people took the Slaughter gimmick a little too seriously) and perhaps… due to poor ticket sales… Here Hulk (of course) saved the day and defeated the Sarge. As for the Ultimate Warrior, he defeated the Mach King in a loser leaves the WWF match (this one was match of the night)

Poor Macho King, his career over, but he did regain Miss Elizabeth.
That and.. Well Macho King retired. But wasn’t Randy Savage better known as the Macho Man?

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