Retro Reaction #36.1 The Arcades Part 1

The National Video Game Arcade. It’s a Museum, and Arcade, where you pay once for entry and the many arcade machines are on free play. Add to that the fact that it has almost every Video Games console you could think off under one roof and most of them ARE also playable and you will begin to understand how Awesome this place is. Lets take a look at some of the arcade machines you could play for Free.

 Teenage Mutant Ninja

It’s sat there by reception on Free Play and for this machine you don’t even need to pay any entry fee to access it.. This ones best played in a group. You choose one of the Turtles each and battle wave upon wave of evil henchmen. This one has taken money from me in regular arcades before. It’s rarer to find these days.Beautifully animated opening credits which include the intro to the cartoon series. The graphics for the time were better then anything our 8 bit (or even 16 bit) consoles could manage.

Here’s the thing. This reminds me a lot of the Simson’s game that played the same way. It entices you to put more money in to get to the next boss battle, and to see the next level.

Problem is when it’s on free to play you can find yourself repeating the same attack buttons enough to cause repetitive strain injury. Speaking of Repetitive strain injury

Track and Field, 

This one is best played against other people. Basically its a button basher, its unapologetic in that. It’s also a lot of fun. If you can bash the buttons quicker than your opponent you win. There’s not a lot of depth because there doesn’t have to be .

Marvel Vs Capcom,

Way before Marvel were fighting each other in the cinemas they fought each other in the Arcade. They also fought characters from Capcom’s world famous Street Fighter franchise. The result was just as good as any of the Street Fighter games with plenty of added Superhero novelty. This was my first encounter with the arcade cabinet itself. It brought back many fond memories of sitting in front of  the SEGA Dreamcast.

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