Retro Reaction #37.0 The Commodore Amiga!

The 500 Plus was the first computer I ever owned. It had no hard disk, and loaded only from a floppy drive. Each disk could hold a whopping 730KB, yet somehow this was enough for it to hold a basic operating system… Amiga Workbench and the games too. It was all about the games. So let’s go on a journey of the unexplored.. and possibly unmentioned for years Commodore Amiga software. Yes this game had some big hitting titles. Games that were done (and let’s face it done better) on 16 bit cartridge based systems in bedrooms across 1992. But here’s a few of my old favourites…

Santa’s Xmas Capers, and Sensible Soccer –  Santa’s Xmas Caper was a beautifully drawn 1 disk platform game. Then we go with some Amiga Sports. This football game is possibly the only football game I ever liked. It was very easy to play and you could rename the players to anyone you liked and even customise your own teams.

WWF European Rampage  – Very often Wrestling games tried to emulate the biggest and best WWF has- Wrestlemania. This game went for a tag match on a European house show and still failed miserably. So what went wrong with WWF’s only attempt at a Europe only video game?

Amiga Workbench – Lets stop the games there for a week and look at what the Amiga 500+ could do in terms of being a desktop PC. It’s more than you might imagine. This was also the first system I owned that had a “copy disk” function.. Cool

For the Use of a Mouse – There’s a whole Reaction set here, but this week, briefly we’re going to look at those games where you keep the mouse plugged in. The Amiga was influential in the popularity of a few of these. This week we look at Worm’s, Theme Park and perhaps the Amiga’s most iconic game Lemmings.

The Great Giana Sisters – Nintendo didn’t like this one as it looked a little bit like a game involving two certain plumbers…

Zool  – Nintendo had Mario, Sega had Sonic. The Commodore Amiga got Zool. Until it got ported to the SNES and Megadrive, but here is a platform game that gained a lot of critical acclaim and brought attention to the Amiga in 1993.

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