Retro Reaction #37.3 Amiga Workbench

Sure as Friday rolls round.. Retro Reaction is here once again. Welcome to Retro Reaction 37.3 or column number 225 if you’re keeping count.

As I type this I am reminded of my very first desktop environment. A lot of the time here I imagine people much younger than me reading these and thinking… Was that all they had. With desktops I honestly don’t think that is the case.

The reason?

Amiga Workbench, As you can see the screen it doesn’t look like much.

Look Closer.. Now look at your desktop, Be it your phone, your Windows system, I’m looking at a Lubuntu one. No doubt you will still see a clock, various things labelled utilities  (Notepad, Leafpad).

Reaction to this old OS was the old quote. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The reason your desktop has these things and looks similar is because there is no need to reinvent the wheel.Though I admit desktops have gotten faster, more functional and. well a lot prettier than they were here in 1985

I fondly remember writing on notepad on the Amiga system. Playing Midi files at the same time (It could multi task you know.. Sort off)  I remember copying the disk’s similar to the way we could later copy CD’s . There’s a lot here that was just built upon later in terms of what the world uses now day to day.

One thing that was different to Microsoft’s Windows system is that the entire OS was build onto the floppy disk and loaded into the RAM on start up. Effectively the screen shot here was from a system working very much like one of today’s “Live CD” would.

The downside to this? If you accidentally swapped in the wrong disk to be written to. You could actually wipe out the whole of workbench by accident.

Guess who managed to do that!

Until Next Week

Have a Great Dayyy!!!!!