Retro Reaction #37.5 The Great Giana Sisters

Sega had Sonic, Nintendo had Mario.. But the home computer market, well they really didn’t have a mascot title. Yes a lot of games were ported from one to the other. You could get most big hit games on the Amiga if you were willing to sit and watch them load. But that A* platform title was missing.

Then came the controversial The Great Giana Sisters. Controversial because they looked a lot like.. A Certain two plumbers.

Rumour has it that that Rainbow Arts had planned to show Nintendo Mario working on home computers and request licence to release Super Mario Bros to the Amiga. Now that would have been huge news!!!

I’ve read a lot on the internet about how Rainbow Art’s should have known that would not happen. But alas they forget. Mario had appeared on home computers before.

Donkey Kong featured Mario, it was a launch title for the NES but was already out on home PC including the Commodore 64 and
Commodore Amiga.

The original Mario Bros title was available on Atari 2600 and on Commodore 64 (It didn’t make it to commodore Amiga).

The story is that Nintendo turned down Rainbow Art’s.. So rainbow released their Mario port by making changes in the way the game looked and re-branding it. Nintendo’s response was to protest. It’s unclear if they threatened legal action (or just used their distribution deals to have the sisters took from the shelves)

Either way this was then end of  The Great Giana Sisters.   But not really.
The sisters went on to star in some.. Less Mario ripped adventures on the Amiga, and eventually the Nintendo DS.

That’s the story. As far as playability. I’ve no doubt the game was good. I just couldn’t get past the jump mechanic (with a joystick rather then Nintendo or Sega pad). Plus after extensively playing Super Mario Bros I can tell you this game wasn’t Mario. It looked similar sometimes but it wasn’t.

The Amiga would never get Mario or Sonic..

But it would get Zool

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