Retro Reaction #37.6 Zool

Owning a home computer instead of a console was always a trade off. Consoles got faster loading times, often flashier games. depending on your choice of console you got the franchise sets of game. Mario, Sonic, Wonder Boy or Zelda. With the PC you got the games we talked about last time. The Simulations like Theme Park and the turn based like Worms. There were good reasons for offering both. But when the time came to choose I traded my Amiga for a SNES (I now wished I had just saved for a SNES and kept the Amiga)

This week we talk about Zool. This was initially the Amiga’s answer to the franchises on the other consoles. It was a fun, beautifully drawn platform game. It was never a real challenger to the Mario or Sonic’s of this world. It was in the same category as Sony’s later attempts. Things like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. That said it was a fun addition and produced for the Amiga (later ported to other consoles).

The one issue I had with the game was pushing the joystick to jump. Once again that never felt a natural movement as playing with a control pad. He had some kind of sonic esque spin attack when jumping to kill enemies in the air and a slide attack to kill enemies on the floor but the controls never felt that great. The game was also very challenging and I missed those first few levels of a sonic or Mario game where you kind of enjoy the Green Hill Zone / Mushroom Kingdom before the challenge sets in.

Does Zool belong up there with Sonic and Mario. Probably not.

Was it fun seeing them try.. yep. The Ninja from the Nth dimension is certainly worth seeking out and will go down in history as one of Amiga’s finest.

Have A Great Dayyyy!!!!!!