Retro Reaction #38.0 Retro Modern. The more things change the more they stay the same!

There is that phrase. The more things change the more they stay the same.

That phrase could not be more true when applied to my 3DS console. It keeps an activity log. One that can be a little embarrassing as it says how long I’ve played on each title. I have clocked up 20 hours sometimes on games I don’t own (I rented a lot of these titles because sadly 3DS games don’t tend to drop in price all that often)

Let’s catch up with some old friends having new but familiar  adventures.

New Super Mario Bros Series –  New Super Mario Bros (2006) and its sequel (2012) Are perhaps the best examples of Retro Modern. Mario returning to .. 2D!

Sonic Rush Series – Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure are cheap DS titles. Sonic on the main consoles has been a tragic tale of a beloved character not quite making it in 3D. On hand-held however… The Spiky Blue one lives on

Power Of Illusion, Street Fighter 4 and Luigi’s Mansion –   These were new releases that had some very familiar elements to them.

Sonic 4 – Back with Sonic with an adventure directly numbered after the mega drive games.

Super Mario Land 3ds – Mario Land returned to handheld. This one mixed old and new ideas to present.. Possibly the finest hand held game of all time!  Only one game beat it on my 3DS list. That ones next weeks.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina  Of Time – It was an early game on the 3DS. One I have been playing in one form or another since the N64 release. In this instance the game hasn’t changed, only the graphics have been updated.