Retro Reaction #38.4 Sonic The Hedgehog 4

I remember the announcement.
Sonic The Hedgehog 4! Not a re imagining (Sonic has had plenty of those) but a full numbered sequel to the brilliant 16bit Genesis (Megadrive to us Brit’s) series of games. Best still it would be available on pretty much every platform! Even mobile phones.

I was excited for this. More exited then I had been for any recent sonic game. Though I had looked forward to and enjoyed Secret Wings on the Wii this was a back to basics approach. New Super Mario Bros but for Sonic.


The game plays “okay” and that is exactly the issue. Just okay doesn’t seem ideal. First the good. Episode 1 looks and sounds just like those classic Sonic games. It brings back some of the great game play aspects from them like the Spin and Dash attack. Episode 1 is just Sonic too and that feels about right. How a back to basics should be.

Here’s what didn’t work for me. The episode approach. I would rather Sonic 4 have been in 1 download. Second the Sonic sprite is the modern day Sonic. Yes I know it’s a new game and technically a present day Sonic but I would have liked to have seen Sonic look just like he did back in the original. Also the controls were very fiddly on the mobile screen. Had this have been released for a hand-held gaming console (or i played it on a desktop) I think I would have viewed it differently.

I hear there was a planned Episode 3, but those plans were cancelled. My hope for a full sequel to Sonic The Hedgehog series never fully came and I was almost as disappointed as when the Wrestlefest update never made it to PSN or Android.

It’s easy to kill a few minutes on Sonic 4 anyway, but the classic underplayed Sonic CD is the same price from the app store.
Either way we got something that sounds, looks and sometimes even plays like the classics but comes off as a tribute..

Until Next Time

Have a great Dayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!