Retro Reaction #38.6 Zelda – Ocarina of Time 3DS

Back in February last year I put this game in my Reaction Set as one of my N64 favourites.

I wrote

“I think Zelda represents a change of pace. A focus more on story telling and visuals. It was a pace i didn’t prefer at the time. But I do now (I largely credit this to the Broken Sword Series)”

Here’s the thing. I’m still playing on and off. In fact I have just defeated the forest temple, the first in the “adult Link” temples. There’s a number of things you can take from this. The first is that I’m a really really bad video game player. That is certainly true. The second is that the fact I still come back to this game (Now the most played game on my 3DS). means believe the hype.. This game is a true classic.

I question now if it was the story I like so much or perhaps the world itself. I (Well Link) have a horse now. Hyrule changes to a much into a much darker place when Link is older.

Look around these game environments. Turn the 3D on for those cut scenes (though it gets in the way most other times it adds a lot to these bits). This is where the 3DS excels. Simply put.. The game looks splendid.  I wonder if it is this.. rather than the story that has me return to Hyrule.

My favourite 3DS title is a 2011 remake of a 1998 game. That seems to sum me up about right.
Most of the games on this list though encompass he best of those old school games. So if you’re a lapsed gamer looking to get into some “Retro Modern” gaming. Perhaps the 3DS (around £60 second hand) or a good old Wii (about £20 second hand) is a console to choose.

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