Retro Reaction #4.2 Why doesn’t Batman Dance Anymore?



There is a moment in the very first episode of this fantastic old TV show


Batman walks into a bar and tells the proprietor he wishes to sit near the bar so as not to draw attention to himself. In full Batman costume.


If you get this, than you will probably get the crazy humor of this iconic 60s series. Often described as “camp” it is perhaps better described as “of it’s time”

This was Batman’s first wave of Batmania that was as strong on January 12th 1966 as it is right now leading into Dark Knight Rises.


Batman is the first and only live action TV series bestowed upon the Batman character.


It’s time Retro Reaction asked that question..


Why Doesn’t Batman Dance anymore?


As you read above the series mixes superhero goodness with dry humor. Props here to Adam West who plays Batman straight in increasingly outlandish situations.


Are there some blemishes… Well yes. But lets not look to season 2 just yet


ReAcTiOn VeRdIcT



Season One


For the most part is a who’s who of Bat villains.


The first two parter are stand outs, alongside the episodes Joker is wild and Batman is rilled. These two broke the mold of the rest of the series and really challenged Batman. Not in a psychotic way but by pushing Batman to his limits as a person. It is in this episode that Batman reminds us that he and Robin are only human.


Some other great preferences to look out for here. Remember scary Vincent Price. Well he’s here and as villainous egg head.



Season Two


“If you’ve seen one episode of Batman, you’ve seen them all.” – That’s the critics view. Largely it was deserved. There are good moments but the A lister villains are gone and villains like the Archer, and the Puzzler get their one and only live action outings. Sadly they fail to provide anything new and what we get is a series that shines in places but is let down by some of it’s scripts.


Season Three


The inclusion of Batgirl but the loss of the 2 part format actually In my estimation revitalized this series a little towards the end. The A list Villains including the riddler are back for a last spin against this Batman.


Part of the problem here is that the 60s added lots of characters that it’s two part format could manage. People like Commissioner Gordon, chief O’hara and Alfred have their parts cut to almost Cameos. Season three also really lets it’s 60s side out reveling in references that were topical for the time.


My advice to any youngster wanting to see Batman. Put it on your sky planner, or your Freeview plus or your BT vision. Or set your video machine!

The series is playing again right now over on ITV3 UK.


You will likely either love it or Hate it.


This Analyst and this column love it unashamed. From it’s iconic starting theme to the cliffhanger at the end.


And .. yeah why Doesn’t Batman dance anymore…