Retro Reaction #50.0 Merry Christmas and Return of The REAL Batman

Welcome to the Fiftyth set of Reaction! Yep we have had 50 whole sets of 6 columns and to celibate we’ve got one of those great mixed bag’s of 6 coming up. For the bulk we are going to be looking at the recent 60s Batman Revival! Comic’s lost episode’s and indeed #OneMoreWest Here’s whats to come.  

Merry Christmas Spaceman  – We look at some music of Christmas, Can you guess My Favourite Christmas Song? I’ll be letting you know my top 5 and why.. Yeah yeah I know Bah Humbug

Remembering Manuel – Back in the 70s a Sitcom about a small B and B in Torquay became a much loved favourite. We recently lost a comedy legend in Andrew Sachs. So this edition of Reaction is going to be to look back on his most iconic role.

Batman Return of The Caped Crusaders – We asked for One More West.. and boy did we get it! To the Batmobile for this Retro Modern animation review

Batman 66 Comic – Part Two of our look at the 60s Bat Revival. we look at DC’s Digital first Comic Resurrection of the TV Series. Many series have found themselves continuing in another medium and there’s a whole set there. But here we look at a few  60s Bat Comic’s to see how faithful they are  

Batman 66 The Lost Episode – Two Face was never introduced to the 60s Batman. A script was reportedly produced but not used. Now thank’s to  a comic revival we get an idea of what that episode may look like

Superman The Movie – With all this classic Batman, it would seem to be unfair to not look to his counterpart Superman and the first Superhero Blockbuster. Did we believe a man could fly?  

Until next time. Have a Great Dayyyyy!!!!!!