Retro Reaction #51.4 Ashes To Ashes


Last week we looked at Life on Mars, This week we look at spin off / continuation Ashes to Ashes.

A confession to make, when this series first began I didn’t like it. The characters didn’t act the same way as I thought they should have. In the first episode Chris Skelton acted bravely. Something he would have never had done back in the original series. The characters seemed somehow more “flash.” Like this was Life on Mars showing off.

Also the Alex Drake character originally seemed too sure of herself. She was armed with knowledge about Sam Tyler’s case. Sam’s file is marked suicide, so that answered some questions. But having her tell the other characters they are just mental constructs in her mind and hammering that home was a little jarring.

Thankfully it gets better. Much better! So if your just setting out with this one keep watching. The mystery and the sci fi that make these time travel series so compelling soon re appears.

Remember how the test card girl was kind of scary in Life on Mars. Well this time it’s a freaking Clown that stalks Alex Drake. Much like Mars the over all mystery of – what exactly is all this is kept on the back burner for weekly crime episodes. We do get answers though at the end of each series. The first series being centred around Drake’s parents. The final answers the lingering questions from Life on Mars.

I won’t go through the ending. But I remember reading forums at the time desperately looking for clues until the last minute. The posters had got some right. In a lot of cases they’d guessed the basics around the outcome but there were still a few surprises sprinkled in. I think if you watch that far you too will guess what’s really going on here…

But I think it’s a series about the destination. Not the journey and it ends with the same dialog as Gene Hunt’s first words to Sam Tyler.

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