Retro Reaction #51.5 Firefly

Here we have a series that became infamous after cancellation. So much so that a movie was made years after in order to tie up the series.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes this series popular. But what was apparent to me on first watch is that it takes time. The series starts with a feature length episode that quite frankly was slow.  The slow build is a particular trait of Joss Whedon and in all fairness it does pay off. I enjoyed the later episodes more than the early ones.

So… What exactly is Firefly.  It’s a Space opera. Or as they describe it “Space Western”. Effectively it follows a group of rebels who are smuggling items under the “single government”. There are a lot of scenes where the ships crew are trying to pull off a job undetected.  This leads to some good episodes.. But really the best of this series is in the characters.

The assemble cast are quite diverse. From the ships Captain Mal  who is looking for work and doesn’t much care what it is. (Though later we find him to be loyal to the other characters when it comes down to it).  Jayne Cobb who seems to be the muscle but clashes often with Mal. Then there is Simon Tam who comes aboard the ship smuggling his sister River Tam.

These elements all lead us into a soap opera in space. It’s fourteen episodes, and should have you hooked by about episode 3. Should there have been more? Possibly.

But I think it’s always better to leave a series with viewers wanting more. Something the next week’s series arguably didn’t.

Until Next Time..

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