Retro Reaction #51.6 Heroes

Years before Sky1 had a different superhero every night. Before the Gotham’s and the Agent’s of Sheild was Heroes. A super hero show without the capes that was as much Xmen as it was allowed to be. Without the fragmented audience (who can watch Gotham, Shield, Flash, Arrow etc..?? I give it a dam good go) this was much watch TV.

Season One had a great slow build. It benefited from a great villain Sylar and some very memorable characters Noah and those Glasses, Hiro, Claire, brothers Peter and Nathan. Each episode would flick through the characters updating each’s story ever so slightly. We got to see these characters develop as they discovered their superpowers and this series was hot!

Then the writers went on strike. Season 2 tried to respond to criticism that the show was too slow part way through the season and things became difficult. I read interviews that said it was always planned for this show to have a rolling cast. I think that may have worked better because the season failed more when it ended with a shock (character dies) only to reverse this in the next episode. In short death became meaningless. Yes this is true of the comic culture Heroes ¬†tried to emulate but as a TV show it was hard to watch this once brilliant show resort to shock tactics to try and regain it’s ratings.

Then it came to Season 4. It tried to go to a new level with a new Villain and a carnival theme. I thought this worked a lot better than previous seasons. It all ended on a cliff hanger when Claire outed the Heroes to the rest of the world live on TV….

We would never get true answers to the cliffhanger. But the story was alluded to last year when  Heroes was reborn. This time it was a one of stand alone Series.

Until next week.

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