Retro Reaction #52.1 Pinocchio – Disney Vs Original

The Book 

In the Adventures of Pinocchio book Pinocchio is much less likeable. He kills the talking cricket early on however the cricket returns in ghost form later in the book. The fox and the cat also play larger roles, at one point hanging Pinocchio. Pleasure Island or Toyland is still there but Pinocchio’s friend is called Candlewick. Candlewick does turn into a donkey and dies of exhaustion later in the film. The dark moral of the story here seems to be that if you don’t learn the only other choice is back breaking hard labour. It’s a bit one size fits all and not a moral this Analyst is totally comfortable with. There are many forms of intelligence, not complying to one for or another does not reside you to the scrapheap kids. Also time enjoying yourselves.. Not always a bad thing either!
The Disney Film 1940

Pinocchio here is made more likeable, though the morals on bad behaviour seem broadly the same. We don’t kill of the cricket here (thankfully). But we do get some dark imagery. I remember the donkey scene as particularly uncomfortable, but there is also that whale. The iconic “Wish upon a star” song is in here too. As well as the “No Strings” one which will forever sound evil thanks to age of ultron.

Worth a revisit, but the moral of the story here seems to sometimes go from subtext to err text. Like Pinocchio we can all be ass’s sometimes. At least Disney’s retelling is more forgiving with second chances. Poor Candlewick

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