Retro Reaction #52.6 The Jungle Book 1968 Vs 2016

Something rare happened the other week. I was watching the latest Jungle Book film with my Nan. I remarked how I liked the film and liked the cartoon. She replied she liked the cartoon but that the live action version, or in her term this one, is better!

There could be arguments made both ways here. But overall I have to agree with her. That said the original is from 1968. It didn’t have the advantage of CGI animals but you know what? It’s still pretty darn good. So in a change to the last few reactions let’s compare…

Visual 1968 Vs 2016

Not as clear cut as you think. In 2016 the real life animals with added CGI animals that looked massively life like. There’s something both intimidating and really, really, cute about that. The way Shere Khan licks his paw then runs into a quick rage on one of the wolves looks amazing. Great Villain monologue and, although these villainous monologues were all there in 1968, they’re made all the more effective. Similarly the action scenes.

That said 1968’s hand drawn characters get the exaggerated expressions that cartoon characters get. There’s great talent in those 2D drawings. They’re something that a computer can’t match.

But thanks to the use of real life Animals.. Visually it’s got to go with 2016


Both Sountracks are brilliant. From the moment we go behind the Disney Castle and into the Jungle in 2016’s film it kicks in to the melody of the original just redone and in a lot of cases updated. But we get less actual songs. Kaa the snake doesn’t get to sing until the end credits and the King Louie song has been totally changed about.

When it comes to the voices too. The actors in 1968 sound better in song..

So from a music standpoint Trust in the Bare Necessities from 1968.


Perhaps it’s a little unfair here because we are comparing a live action Mogali against a cartoon. But it does come across as better in the 2016 film. This is just an opinion and it’s dam close.
Overall both films are great but if you have a young one right now… Show them the live action 2016 version and if they really like it then take it back to the 1966 original. Both are well worth your time and I know my Jungle Book VHS was well worn by the time I was an adult. Heck, if its on the TV, I will watch to it again today.

Until Next Time
Have a Great Dayyyy!!!!!