Retro Reaction #57.0 When Good Consoles Go Bad

So, like me, you like old games. And every so often you’re likely to dust off the old machines, plug them in, and see if they still go. Well you may find that things work just how you left them last time. If that’s the case good for you! Seriously no sarcasm. Good For You!! This next set of Reaction is for those of us who are not so lucky. Here’s what’s coming up on reaction.

Tuning in – So you have the leads all bunged in at the back. Mario Kart is in the slot and you press on. There’s power.. You press AV.. Nothing, welcome back folks to the world of RF and tuning a console in. This applies to any console before the PS2

Enter the Cart – So you have a screen tuned in! Your getting there, but you insert your favourite game to be met with a black screen.. Or your NES power indicator flicks on and off.. On and off again. We’ve been there!

From the CD – So we’re going a little Retro Modern here. You insert the disc.. Be that Knights into your Saturn or Crash on a PS1 and you’re met with a dreaded disk read error… Or your game has… No colour.

It was annoying the 1st time – Sometimes what you may think was a fault was in fact sadly a design flaw. We had to deal with it the first time around. Enjoy your 3 – 5 hours on that GameGear.. As it eats through 6 batteries!

Manufacture Faults – Sometimes you’ve set everything up right. In this case it really isn’t you. We’re looking your way Microsoft and your legendary Red Ring of Death RROD

Console Care – Right now my Retro Games are in cardboard boxes in the cold damp attic. Not a good way to keep them. In this edition of Reaction we look at how to keep them in better condition.

Until Next Time..

Have a Great Dayyyyyy!!!!!!