Retro Reaction #57.1 Tuning In

So you’ve plugged you’re old console in, pulled out your TV aerial and shoved in an RF cable and turn on the machine to find… Nothing..

Why I hear you ask?

Well these older consoles don’t work on HDMI. They’ve never seen 1080 or 720 resolutions. They fit on old fashioned analogue. Back when there were only 5 channels… Or 4… Or less depending on how far back you can remember, we in the UK had to tune our game systems to that illustrious Channel 6. So how do you make it work? It’s maybe obvious to anyone who is older than twenty… But you guys that got plug and play may not be aware.

Find your TV’s analogue input. It can be called that or Analogue mode.. Or TV / DTV. The manual is your friend here, but it comes in the tuning options usually. You can autotune analogue mode on most modern TV’s. But if you lose any DTV channels please Don’t blame reaction.

Found analogue mode… Clicked Autotune? Great.

More than likely you will be greeted with a static screen while it searches.

Don’t worry it’s not scanning for Alien life forms. A ghost girl isn’t going to crawl out the TV either… Least I don’t think so. Once again.. No responsibility against Alien invasion or phone calls warning you that you’ve 7 days..

Now.. Finally you should see your game. Be that Sonic whizzing around or any other nice Press start screen.

Resolution look a bit crap? Welcome to my era.

Unless you are trying to tune something older than a NES… You are?! Great.

I found with an old ZX that automatic tuning doesn’t pick up some really old machines.

Go back to that remote control Analogue mode.. Manual Tuning.. Yep you can press up or down while you wait a long time… A Very long time for the TV to register your old system..

I do hope you selected store or save when you got the game working right? Yeah I always forgot too. You know how all that manual tuning was a right pain in the ar$e

Until Next week
Have a Great Dayyyyy