Retro Reaction #57.2 Enter The Cart

After last week we will assume that you have your Retro console nicely connected to your TV. That you have inserted a game cart and you’re almost away. You almost always have to insert a game cart. The only exception I can think of is the European Master System Bundles. On those tuning on the power without a game cartridge would give you Alex the Kid. I now read that later models had Sonic 1 or 2 built in. Earlier ones had Space Harrier, Hang on, or Maze Game. But anyway those systems will play a game out the box unless something has gone very wrong.

So if your looking at a blank screen on your NES, Mega Drive, Snes, or any other cart system. Something is wrong. That’s what we’re looking at this week. Firstly here is one piece of advise that works. It shouldn’t work as it’s getting all kinds of muck on your cartridge but.. It just does… Take the game out. Blow into the cartridge and put it back in…
Blue screen saying Sega? Mario’s curtain suddenly come up?
Rule 101 of Cart games if in doubt blow in the cartridge.

There’s a special place on Cartridge hell reserved for the NES here.
See how our affectionately remembered big gray boxes load sideways. Like a VCR. Only problem is the pins wear out over time and the mechanism being used over and over.

So if you are greeted with a flashing power light and a grey screen.. Or even the first few seconds of the game and black screens this is the problem. The fix? Erm.. A quick one is to try again and again until it works. It usually will and its not like the cartridge can come out of place once your playing but over time this can get annoying. It can be fixed with a new pin connector and a few minutes of your time…
Unless your doing it at uni and have no upper arm strength like me. Then it took half a day and a housemate who finally said give it here. But you get the picture.

On the plus side. I’ve not had a lot go wrong with cartridges. Not in the years of gaming I’ve had. The same really can’t be said for CD and DVD based games. That’s coming next week

Until then
Have a Great Dayyyyyyyy!!!!!