Retro Reaction #57.3 – From the CD

Time to go a little Retry Modern. The year is 1995 and in likelihood, if your a gamer your saving your hard earned pennies for either the new Sega console or the brand new console from Sony. Oddly only one was a success and it’s probably not the one you imagined it would be at the time. Either way this was a huge marked change. Because the two mentioned consoles no longer used cartridges but CD’s. Data CD’s giving them 700mb of data and in the Playstation One’s case opening themselves up to a world of piracy or back ups if you prefer.

With the availability of so many games, a lot at pre release, everyone knew a guy who knew a guy and could get copies of games. Not since the ZX and Amiga had a system felt this open.
I am one of the few proud to say I did not get my PS1 modified. Did I want to… Well yeah but I had heard many horror stories. That’s not to say I was completely innocent either. I had an action replay card that could boot into “any region.” In actual effect this was a way of modding the PS1 without actually modding it and had the added ability to get technical with the data on the disk. (eg I could play the music from WWF Attitude directly from the disk via Action Replay Card. I also sort out all of resident evils endings years before youtube.)

So the few times I did use a pre release disk I ran into issues. Issues that I think anyone trying to boot an out of region disk on this old console may bump into. The solutions today is actually easier than it was then.

You find your game is in Black and White. Well, the reason for this is actually because your parallels is an NTSC game (American television usually). That RF cable the system is bundled with by default is only capable of PAL . So what options have we here?
The action replay card can’t help you believe me I tried tinkering. You can indeed change the menu’s in action replay but the game will be hardcoded. What you need is the sold separately PS1 to Scart connector. This will be able to support NTSC.. As long as your TV can..
I found out that sadly my could not. The solutions more often then not was to ignore those pre releases and buy good old PAL copies. Apart from homebrew then it was reading a lot so find a version of the program that supported PAL.

Of course these issues could be avoided by buying store bought PAL software.. Sort off. The PS1 CD’s were notorious for scratching. One scratch and you would find yourself staring at that loading screen for a Long time.

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