Retro Reaction 58.5 Dalek 2005

The Dalek’s. Doctor Who’s most famous nemesis, are pretty much at every Convention. Sure enough both Emcon Nottingham and Yorkshire Cosplay Con in Sheffield featured the pepper pot shaped baddies rolling round ready to exterminate. Since Doctor who’s return their placement seems to come as standard in each series and in honesty there’s various degrees of success here. The first time we see the Dalek ships come in, it gives us that shock moment but with each Doctor. Maybe its just me but you get a “them again” feeling about them.

That was not the case with Dalek back in 2005. The first appearance of a Dalek in New Who and the whole episode is set around the one Dalek. This one didn’t need host’s of Dalek ships or coloured Daleks. The best exchanges here are between Eccleson’s Doctor and his old Nemesis. It plays like these are two old War veterans both the last of their kind. We get exchanges like the one below.

The Doctor: The Daleks have failed! Why don’t you finish the job, and make the Daleks extinct? Rid the universe of your filth! Why don’t you just *die*?
Dalek: You would make a good Dalek.

In a standout first season, this episode is up there with the best of the New season 1 and one of the best episodes period. The threat level increases through the episode as the Dalek escapes and runs riot in an alien museum. There’s even a moment where the Doctor thinks the Dalek has killed his companion. It’s all very well done and in this Analyst’s opinion easily the best Dalek story of the new Who era.

Looking at those replica iconic Daleks at the comic cons I am struck with.. How they’re bigger than they seem on screen. Instantly recognisable, and I’m sure mean many things to many different people. Some were lucky enough to have The Doctor on their TV screens as they grew up and were left hiding behind the sofa. Some (like me) were a tad old to be afraid but still look on episodes like this one with fondness. Here there is one Dalek for forty minutes and it creates something incredibly interesting.

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