Retro Reaction 58.6 Power Rangers The Movie

With the recent reboot of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, we take a look back now to 1995. When the TV series was massive, and we got the first movie based on the TV series.

TV movies can work one of two ways. They can be essentially a longer episode special shown in movie theatres. They are shown with the same continuity as the series (Most movies based sitcoms. On the Busses, George and Mildred, The Inbetweeners). Or they can be total reimaginings of the TV series with different casts (Addams Family, Beverley Hillbillies). Power Rangers in 1995 followed a kind of mix. A bit like the recent Mrs Brown movie it had the same cast only it looked different.

The set’s look different, the suits look a lot different too. The actor’s however where the same as the TV series. This however was a spoiler for me.
Back in 1995 we were not right behind America. In fact our Power Rangers was shown much later. So the cast changes (that occurred later in the series) had already happened in the movie. My first thoughts on watching this film in 1995 were… Why is Tommy wearing White and why is someone else playing the Red, Black and Yellow Rangers.

Looking back on it now this film is exactly what the Power Rangers should be. It’s a children film and it seems comfortable with this. Re watching as an adult though gives me the cringe factor. I wonder why I liked this so much. That’s the problem with revisiting things sometimes. The Oooze Villain whom I didn’t like the first time round I kinda like now. I also understand why this was done. This film can be watched years later as a stand alone item. That has worked to it’s advantage and it’s doing the rounds on Sky again thank to the re released series.

It’s still fun. But ranger fans… I would recommend leaving this one in the past.

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