Retro Reaction #59.1 – Big Bang Theory 2007

Today The Big Bang Theory is an American Comedy juggernaut. A staple of CBS, and a show so valuable that its main stars charge around 1 million per episode.

But this is Retro Reaction.

Lets rewind to 2007, The very first episode of Big Bang Theory. One that is now played and replayed on UK Channel E4. It’s one of those series that they have on loop.
This series has both a Pilot that aired and one that didn’t.

In the unaired pilot was quite different. There was no Penny Howard or Raj. Instead we had Gilda a female character who is close friends with both Sheldon and Leonard. (In fact it’s stated that she has slept with Sheldon which is very different to how the character would act in the big bang that we finally get).

Instead of Penny we have Katie but the broad strokes here are the same. Katie being just a tad meaner. Penny later does tease them however she is nicer about it and pretty quickly becomes one of the group.

The Pilot that aired adds Howard and Raj and although this gives the group a heavy gender bias early on I think it makes more sense. (From experience geeks do tend to hang around in single sex groups be that male or female). The plot about the sperm bank is reused in the episode that went to air and a few of the same jokes are reused.

As far as the characters changing. Mostly they have. We’re now up to season 11 and the show resembles a traditional relationship comedy. Although that is not necessarily a criticism. The show got really funny towards season 3 and 4 and you could be forgiven for thinking that it peaked. Thankfully the show has not produced many bad episodes. There are forgettable ones but more often then not you will end up laughing.

Rewatching the first episode its easy to see why the show became massively popular. The ingredients are there but like many of these long running US shows, it takes a while to refine them. A fun watch all the way though.

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