Retro Reaction #59.2 – How I Met Your Mother 2005

Here is a CBS hit that started in 2005, and cards on the table I haven’t finished it yet. So I still don’t know how he met their mother. I was nagged to watch this one by a friend of mine. I watched the pilot, and thought.. It’s ok. I’m glad I stuck with it. Now I’m around season 4 and still enjoying it.

But this is Retro Reaction.

Lets take it back to episode one.

The story of how Ted meets the Children’s Aunt Robin. This episode follows Ted’s search for love. We are introduced to his friends Marshall and Lilly whom at the beginning of this series are the couple that seems o have everything Ted wants.

We meet Barney who immediately I knew was going to be the “Sheldon” of this series. The stand out comedy guy that this whole thing is build around. Barney is Ted’s wingman in this first episode and his early stuff like “have you met Ted” and “Legend wait for it dery” I’ll be honest they didn’t hit me the first time.

What this episode does is gently sew the seeds. Many jokes in this series seem to be the long running ones. Stuff that they come back to and it makes you remember points from previous episodes. This series is so cleverly written in fact (at least as far as I’ve gotten to) that each episode can be watched as stand alone too.

You work out pretty quick that as well as comedy this series does Drama incredibly well. Very often Ted will be involved with the semi serious plot with Barney doing the big comedy moments. So if like me you don’t “get” the Barney character right away, possibly stick with it a few more episodes. It starts to make a lot more sense.

Back to the Pilot. We have Ted screwing up his date with possible love interest Robin, This was the first time I’ve seen an additional character added this way. I really thought that Robin was going to be a one episode deal but it turned out that she was our jumping on point to the whole series. It’s implied even here that Ted Marshall and Lilly have been friends for some time..

The whole lot is now available on Netflix UK and NOW TV (Pretty well hidden under Channel – Comedy Central’s box sets). Much like big bang it may take more than the pilot to hook you in. But it’s worth the time.

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