Retro Reaction set #7 Once old is new

When Retro Returns!


It’s time again to take a look at what is coming up here on Reaction. A while back I did a reaction on the value of re release. The biggest culprit here being Nintendo with the Mario all stars re release. Despite this disk being a SNES rom and on a disk, (something that could have been sold through the Wii download store) it has retained it’s price.


This set of reaction looks however not at re releasing but at new games that successfully use the old game play mechanics. Being fair Nintendo score pretty highly here.



REACTION SPECIAL – To walk through an arcade – I the Analyst took a walk round an old Cleethorpes arcade in the dying days of the summer. We take a look at what I found.


Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 – We looked at Freddy back at the start of Reaction. Here we look at what went well with Freddy’s return and what we feel didn’t. Does the truthseekers podcast claim of “If it’s not Englund under the make up I’m not interested” just a little premature?


Its Cold Outside – Thanks to Dave Cult Series Red Dwarf returned to our screens. But is it the program we remember. Is it that good? Still? We think so.


Broken Sword DC / Broken Sword 4 – we look at a re release with add ons. The original Broken Sword was brought out on IOS Android Wii. Were looking at the Wii version. Broken Sword 4 is not out yet. But we look at a game that promises to bring us old school point and click, story driven game.


Wrestlefest 2012 – Wrestlefest was a great old wrestling arcade game that returned for the IOS and Android. It was promised for PSN and 360 but so far only a trailer has materialized. Did rebooting an old wrestling game work? Also Unofficially it’s not the only wrestling game to Retro Return.


New Super Mario Bros – I slated Nintendo for releasing one rom on a disk. However the new mario series uses the most elements from the old NES greats and modernizes them for a new generation Wii and DS versions are looked at here.