Retro ReAction #0

I like VHS Video tapes!!!

I like the way they take a while to track, sometimes jam in the machine, and the sound of them rewinding. The same goes for the Cassette tapes…
In fact Windows 3.1 is perhaps the best operating system of all time, and Adam West IS Batman.

Beware the spaceman is my space to write about whatever I wanted and this six part blog is a project I’m exited about.

The movie, media, or video game’s mentioned had their reaction and reception at the time. Now they receive a Retro Reaction. I will be bringing out the oldies, plugging them in and trying them again in 2012. In addition I hope to bring you ideas and guides for your own Retro project’s. Thought your old Dreamcast was dead? So did I! A good look on-line has made me think again! Here is what’s coming up on RetroReaction:

Big issue’s start with a Fight – Sonic vs Mario Reaction to both,Plus Remembering Nickelodeon’s 90s classics.

Dreams and Nightmare’s – Dreamcast Reaction – gone but why so soon? How it lives on through homebrew
Remembering Nigtmare on elm street.

Computing – Computing through time from the Commodore Amiga to the ZX Spectru.

Also Video tapes – how to transfer them to DVD

Fish and Chips – Butlins Reaction – (OK I visit here a bit but was the reaction different in 1993 compared with my 2010 visit?)

Other Worldly – Before there was a Harry Potter we returned to OZ, entered the Labyrinth or were part of a Never Ending Story.

Reaction to some Master System games with a look back at this forgotten console.

I’m Batman – West? Keaton? Kilmer? who is Batman and what has happened to our Dark Knight on screen through the 60s to the 90s.

Thank you for reading.

Retro Reaction Begins (or re-begins?) again January 2012.

Until then Have a great dayyy!!

The Analyst