RetroReaction: Streets of Rage on Mega Drive

After that great power ranger beat em up. That wide eyed nephew was looking for more to play.
What could I feed him that played the same, a simple formula of side scrolling button mashing.

Turns out the answer was already in my game collection.
The Mega Drive Collection. It was time for a new ReTo ReAcTion.

So.. The one I vaguely remembered was the one i selected. Streets of Rage.
Here you pick one of the three characters Adam, Axel or Blade to fight a crime syndicate.

Much like Mario games (and the only similarity with the Mario games) the story is irreverent
What followed was plenty of side scrolling punching and kicking.
This first Streets of Rage was limited in character movement I noticed. My nephew liked the animation when the police fire rockets.

Now, as an adult I can see that this is trying to be like those great side scrolling beat em up’s i played in the arcade. I’m looking at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes, Moonwalker and the Simsons. But cut down to the Mega Drives 16 bit technology what we get is a cut down but enjoyable version of the same formula. It’s fun and the graphics were good for the time.

Where the game has aged…. Is in aesthetic. Despite being a 1992 game.. This feels really ..really 80s. In its depiction of streets with roller shutters everywhere, and old fashioned trash cans. Even the power ups somehow fit the 80s style. Because right in the middle of a street fight hitting the trash can to find a cooked chicken or an apple makes sense.. Right?

Also a lot is said in modern gaming about violence. Particularly the Grand Theft Auto Series. Here you can take weapons from the bad guys including metal pipes and even knifes and use them against one of your many opponents…
Ok not the greatest of messages to be sending. I was more than a little uncomfortable encouraging my nephew to use the weapons… But that was okay. I found another fun side stroller on the disk by the name of Golden Axe.
Still Streets of Rage is a fun game if you don’t mind this particularly violent  depiction of Street Fighting in the early 90s.

Until Next Time.
Have a Great Day!