Review the Ubuntu 14.04 (Nvidia Black Login Screen Solved)

I love Linux and Ubuntu particular. 

So this review should be me singing the praises of the great operating system and advising you all to go 14.04 the moment you get chance. Sadly I can’t do that whole heartedly. It is a great operating system but falters thanks to the usual Linux pit fall of drivers. 


I prematurely updated my machine from 12.04 to 14.04 despite Ubuntu’s fair warning that the version I am upgrading to was not fully compatible with my (fairly old by today’s standards) Nvidia graphics card. Sure enough on kernel upgrades I am now treated to a blank login screen complete with working mouse. Nice.


The fix was easy enough to find Ctrl and F1 to take me to a terminal. Log in and remove the driver  sudo apt-get remove –purge nvidia*

Then I loaded the failsafe graphics mode from the restore menu..

Once booted to the desktop environment, I was free to install the latest Nvidia driver. Now it works.


My issue – to the average user (and i consider myself only slightly above the average user, mostly due to looking after Linux machines in my day job) It’s simply Broken. Worse still it’s possible that with every Nvidia update the machine will “break” each time. It’s now a maintenance issue. There are open source alternatives to the Nvidia drivers. Ones I am investigating right now. But for the average user, doing the average install it just DOESN’T WORK with some hardware. 


Ubuntu is much more than a hobbyists system. When working it can do everything a windows machine can do but often better and free. The Hiding from Seagulls books were written, edited and formatted in Libre office. That’s a great, free office solution. The podcasts, are edited in Audiodacity, also free. My photo’s GIMP. The list is endless. Open source makes tools that would otherwise cost in the hundreds .. Free

Better still installing them is simple. The Software centre is now pretty much a great App Store


The Unity part of the system actually works well. Unity for newcomers is the bar at the left of the screen. You can keep your favourite applications there for a simple click to load. Load up time (when graphics card is not an issue) is pretty fast and the machine fly’s around just fine. 


14.04 is a great OS. My install issues (although certainly not isolated) certainly aren’t the norm either. If you have a new(ish) PC (My PC still only has 1 gig Ram) This is the way to g. 

If your using a slightly older (maybe office environment PC) Then Lubuntu is worth a look. That’s one I’ll be reviewing in the coming weeks.


Its install issues knock off a star. But Free updates, Free software. Really can’t complain too much 

Ubuntu 14.04   4/5

Have a great Dayyyyyy!!!!!! 


Nvidia black login screen

Here’s how i fixed the Black Screen (no responsibility take for damage caused) – Though it shouldn’t cause any.

When you get the blank screen
Press Alt+Ctrl+F1
login with your usual manager username / password
sudo apt-get remove –purge nvidia*
sudo init 6

At GRUB Screen select Ubuntu Advanced
Select 14.04 Recovery
Load in failsafe Graphics mode.

Now re install the Nvidia driver or leave with default driver (won’t run gaming).