Great Old Gaming Gems – Streaker

Ok now hear me out on this one, you may never have heard of this game and by all rights, most of you probably shouldn’t have. But it’s a good game and I think it really is a gaming gem.

When the Sinclair Spectrum was released, essentially it was a free-for-all with game making. Sure there were some truly wonderful games created by Capcom, Konami, Atari, U.S. Gold etc… but there were also quite a few videogame nasties. These were generally either in poor taste or pornographic (who wants to see spectrum level porn? Its pathetic). Streaker kind of straddled the line of good taste and good game. I’ll explain…

I sadly did not have the case with the cassette and as such did not know why the main character started in a giant shopping centre completely naked, though one can no doubt imagine based on the title of the game.

Your objective is to escape the mall, however in order to do this you must be fully clothed otherwise the bouncers will not let you leave (strangely. You would think if anything they would just simply call the police and cart you away) but you cannot just walk into a clothes store and buy something oh no, don’t forget you have no money. You have to find random pieces of clothing left in each store in the mall. Your first objective, run into the sauna and grab a towel, suddenly you can run into the sauna shop on the same floor and grab a string vest, then you can run into another store to grab some shoes and so on and so on.

To be fair, the gameplay itself is very straightforward, I think that in all honesty this deserves to be a great gaming gem because it’s never completely blatant with the nudity and actually the gameplay is pretty fun. The idea of running through a shopping mall wearing nothing but a string vest while desperately trying to avoid security and desperately trying to dress yourself seems like a pretty funny mental image and it’s a lot of fun to play.

Let’s face it they will never allow another game like this to be made for a modern console and some would say it’s a good thing, but personally I think we would be worse off to forever lose the game Streaker.