Great Old Gaming Gems – Faceball 2000 (Gameboy)

After a brief Hiatus Great Old Gaming Gems is BACK! And we’re back with a game I absolutely loved on my original Gameboy. That game is, of course, Faceball 2000. With hardware advances the FPS shooter is one… Read More

Great Old Gaming Gems – McDonaldland (NES)

When you think of the NES you think of some classic 8bit platformers. Everyone knows Mario, The Turtles, Battletoads, and Kirby. They’re all classics in their own right. Not everyone, however, has heard of McDonaldland (or M.C. Kids… Read More


Great Old Gaming Gems – Transport Tycoon

This week we’re going to be looking at a huge favourite of mine: Transport Tycoon. This is easily my vote for the most addictive game of all time and it’s a game that I have been playing regularly… Read More

Great Old Gaming Gems – Solar Jetman

Welcome to the third instalment of Great Old Gaming Gems! Today we’re going to be firing up the ol’ trusty NES for a bit of Solar Jetman action. Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warship , for that… Read More

Great Old Gaming Gems – Comix Zone

Welcome to episode 2 of Great Old Gaming Gems. Today we take you back to 1995. The year that the original PS1 launched bringing 3D polygon based graphics to the masses. Old school graphics from the 16bit era… Read More

Great Old Gaming Gems – X-Wing Alliance

Welcome to a new occasional segment here on BTS Retro- Great Old Gaming Gems. Here I’m going to present an affectionate look back at some great games of yesterday year, some forgotten, some obscure and some like today’s… Read More