The Analyst: Why I’m Voting Labour

Firstly a disclaimer. This article is 100% opinion. There is no right or wrong way to vote on June 8th

That said I would like to share with you why this time I will be voting, like I3T, for Labour.


Let’s rewind back to June 23rd 2016. I3T and I found ourselves on separate sides of the EU referendum and proceeded to have the “most polite” EU Debate you could imagine.

Last time I guested for I3T I asked you to read the governments plan for Britain ( and decide for yourselves if this was the Brexit you wanted. Now compare that with the one that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour put forward in their manifesto. (

Since triggering article 50 all we have seen is stubborn language going back and forth between Theresa May and the EU. I almost feel like the Conservatives wanted negotiations to breakdown?

Labour’s Brexit puts the economy first, it also ends the uncertainly for EU Migrants living and working here. It feels like an all round fairer exit. More open to negotiation, and more in line with the reasons I voted out of the EU. As far as Theresa being the only one who can get a good Brexit deal.. I just don’t think that’s the case.

Funding and Cutbacks

Labour’s manifesto is costed and that’s good news for the poorer 95% of us. The argument against them is that they will overspend. My personal view is.. even if they do I wont mind a tax increase to pay for services we need. A few pence extra on national insurance or the inevitable private medical insurance if things continue the way they are with the NHS? It’s a no brainier.

On a personal note a few weeks ago I found myself battling to get a local bus service reinstated. The argument against me (put forward by conservative ward councillors) was passenger numbers and how it all came down to pounds and pence. Renationalisation of services. Yes please! Services like health and vital transport links should not come to pounds and pence but to people. Let’s ensure we all get fair access. Reinvesting in our own services can only be a good thing.

Why Won’t She Debate Him?

I think I have the answer to this one. I’ve never seen May defeat Corbyn in debate. Usually she calls back arguments against labour governments years back, and dodges direct questions while he sits back and gives that half smile. He’s got her and he knows it! He wins by staying on topic and even voiced.

The second reason she wont, I feel Theresa May has been given the impossible job of defending an indefensible Manifesto. The social care ruling targets older people who are often conservative voters. It all seems to be a bit of an own goal. Same with fox hunting being on there. We’re dealing with Brexit here! The rebirth of Britain as a global trading nation and you want to put points about hunting on your manifesto? For the record, I’m not a fan of fox hunting and would prefer the ban stay in place.

Security and Foreign Policy

This one’s a bit difficult.

The hard truth is that atrocities in Manchester and London have happened and nothing can bring those people back, I can’t even begin to imagine what those families are going through.

During the most recent attack our forces in London neutralized the threat (saving countless lives) in 8 minutes!

I have my views here but I don’t want to politicize these tragedies

But on the slightly related note on foreign policy, like I3T I think who we trade weapons with should be looked at. I also think I really DO want a leader who is extremely reluctant to press a button and kill more innocent people.

I Am the Analyst.

And this is just my opinion.