i3t Classics – The Death of isthisthetruth v1

Seeing as bewarethespaceman.com has launched as both the spiritual successor and new home of isthisthetruth I thought it might be interesting to post a few “classic” articles from isthisthetruth’s heyday. First up is an article dating from October 2005. This article was the death note of the original site written just as I found out that my hosting plan was not to be renewed due to “controversial” content. That content was a combination of insulting the then Prime Minister (if you’ve been checking the news section you’ll see that I’m back to my old tricks on that score) plus I may have ever so slightly hosted a copy of The Jolly Rodgers Cookbook. Which if you don’t know what it is I’m not going to tell you. Nor is it EVER going to be hosted on these servers and on this site. The world is just to volatile!

Anyhow on with a bit of classic, historic even, isthisthetruth!

For those of you (I have a mailing list) reading this an explanation is in order over the untimely demise of isthisthetruth.com . Basically to cut a long story short the hosting company did not allow us to keep the site open beyond the first two years because of “controversial content.” Under the new UK anti-terror Laws it seems freedom of speech is no longer a guaranteed commodity.

As you read this I am looking for a new hosting company which is the easy part. The hard part though is that the old company has kept the isthisthetruth.com name registered so I’m waiting for that to revert back to nothingness so i can reclaim it again. (You see I have some t-shirts printed up that are now pretty much useless.)

When its up and running I’ll post the annoncement here. Having said that it might change to either isthisthetruth.co.uk or isthisthetruth.net. Not sure yet but stay tuned.

isthisthetruth.com managed to rise from (very) humble beginnings to several thousand hits a week so it would be a great shame for it to die like this. isthisthetruth.com is going to be my own personal phoenix, from the ashes of the old will rise something new. A site we can all be proud of. Because lets face it given events of the last couple of years we need a (relatively) sane outlook on life again.

May the Truth Be with You, Always.


I hope you enjoyed that little look into i3t history. I’ve only a handful of classic articles available to post but over the next few weeks they’ll all be back live complete with snazzy new 2012 introductions looking back at the “Me” of 2005.

That last paragraph is very apt. It has taken over six years for us to be back online (excluding the podcast) and now that we are we’re starting again from the bottom rung. But my intentions remain the same. This site is going to be something we can be proud of.

isthisthetruth is dead. Long live isthisthetruth!