The Forbidden Window – The nerve racking part!

Well, I sent the file for Hiding From Seagulls Sequel : The Forbidden Window to I3T.


Anyone who has written a story, published or not knows that the most nerve racking thing to do is to hand it over and ask for honest thoughts. For the last six months the sequel to Hiding From Seagulls has been my little project.


The first book did very well for a début children’s e-book. Yes it’s slipping down the Amazon Chart right now but it was at one point in the top 10 Children’s Action Adventure – Okay it was during a free promotion but heck I am greedy so I am counting that!


There’s still work to do. Once I have taken feedback from my test readers it will be time to work on the cover and to grammar check before it’s ready for release. For these reason’s I can’t put an exact date on when we will be seeing it. (I’ve got an optimistic hope for June this year!). But for now to wet your appetite, here’s some of the points to look forward to in The Forbidden Window. 


New Characters – We are going to meet three main new characters. Count Douglass the Brave (and his overbearing Mother), Yallery Brown the Bearded nature spirit, and Sam the lost American girl. 


Return of the Old Characters – Tommy is back and so are Madeline, Rob, Simon and that weird guy in a bear suit. 


Change in focus – Last time they were on a journey. This time we will see how Tommy and his friends react to being stuck in the same place. Tensions do run high. 


It’s longer – The Forbidden window is around 1/3  longer than Hiding From Seagulls


Hiding from Seagulls book One is available FREE on Smashwords Here

And £0.77p right now, on the Amazon Kindle Here