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A little late this week welcome to the Media Round up.. But 2 pieces of news.. What are they

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Biggest media news of the week is the Richard O’Dwyer case.
For those of you reading this new to the whole fiasco.. And it is a fiasco let me fill you in.

Richard a student in Sheffield ran a website named TV Shack. It linked to (yet did not contain) copyrighted material.
In effect it was a page of links to TV programs available on OTHER websites.

He was investigated here in the UK and the decision was they would not press charges as he had broken no law in the UK
However he had broken the law in the US

Under the 2003 U.S.–UK extradition treaty he is to be extradited to our American friends were he is to face charges of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement and criminal infringement of copyright.

We at BTSM believe this is increasingly farcical and getting borderline ridiculous. Only 9% of the UK agree with
the extradition. For those believing in indifference ask yourselves.
Are you to obey the laws in the UK or the US or indeed both? It’s a human rights clisterf*ck that in this mongooses
opinion should be laughed out of court..

Go catch some criminals….. Some REAL ones.

The second massive piece of media news this week is that Spaceman has entered the podcast world.
A massive market and you can get your download right here on BTSM or coming soon to Itunes.
The handywork of Plasmacaster & i3t and launches the spaceman into a whole new medium.

It is thanks to Plasmacaster & i3t that my humble space-vision has come to the place it is now.
They are forward thinking or is that always thinking? Great stuff gentlemen. It’s great to talk to other
people about the site. Well other people that live outside my own head…
I should really tell you how the Spaceman came about… Maybe another week ehh  

Is the term to infinity and beyond taken…..

In any event..