The Pros and Costs of Being a Comic TV Fan

A few weeks ago I took a look at the real cost of Wrestling Programming. It’s fair to say that some of those costs creep up pretty fast.

So this week We’re looking at the costs of the comic book TV. This guide assumes you want to watch all the output from the two major comic book houses DC and Marvel. Yes this does miss out a lot of great content that doesn’t fall into those two. But honestly just rounding up these has took a lot of googling.

All information is correct at the time of this article.. However in the TV world things change. Its also worth noting that things with UK TV don’t run as smoothly for comic TV as the US. The fact that Batwoman will be airing on a different network this year for example means that the Arrowverse crossover won’t be shown in it’s entirety here in the UK. Also shows like The Runaways are already over in the US but are still relevant here as they have not finished their UK run.

So The Rules.
The Series must be from a Marvel or DC comic Book.
The series must be ongoing. (not actively cancelled) …

Here goes.

Watchmen, Other DC TBA are on HBO in the USA
Note Watchmen has finished (possibly for good) but HBO in the US have a contract for more Warner / DC Content. Superhero High and Strange adventures are already set to appear so we will include it. HBO’s equivalent in the UK at this moment in time is Sky Atlantic Available with a NOW TV Entertainment Pass or a Sky Subscription. We Will keep this to the cheapest ways of legally ascertaining these programs so £8.99 Per Month.

The Entertainment Pass will also get you access to Sky One’s Arrowverse, Currently Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and DC Legends of Tomorrow. As well as Fox UK which is currently showing Marvel’s The Runaways.

Netflix UK,
Currently home to the Titans and previously (as I can’t see season 2 listed) Black Lightning. It’s worth mentioning that Netlflix also gives access to it’s own comic book series including The Umbrella academy.
£5.99 per month, one screen

Straz Play
A  niche streaming service. It reads as though you may need Amazon Prime to watch it on a TV. If not and your happy with your tablet  however you can stream the likes of DC’s Doom Patrol and Pennyworth for a fiver a month.

Disney Plus
New home to the MCU Shows
A lot of these listed all as upcoming. Helstrom, Loki, WandaVision to name a few. They’ve all as far as we know going to be a part of the new Disney app in the UK. So to get the access to all shows, we have to include a service that doesn’t yet exist in the UK
£6.99 (Rumoured price)

Free To Air £0.00
E4 have announced they will be showing DC’s Batwoman and Harley Quin cartoon on e4. Marvel’s Agents of Shield is currently shown on the same station.
Paramount TV Show older episodes of Arrowverse’s flagship show the Arrow, While Pick TV have been known to re broadcast Flash, Supergirl and Ledgends. Not a bad set of shows for nothing.

So, If you wanted to see every current Marvel and DC TV show at this moment in time it would cost £26.96 per month.

Of course there are ways around this. Subscribe to a service and watch the shows you want before cancelling. This way you could theoretically catch up on a show for the price of a months subscription.

If anything this article has shown me.. How complex the lists of services have become in the UK. There’s so much content here, it would be difficult to find time to watch it all even if you really wanted to…