The Pros and Costs of being a Pro Wrestling Fan in 2020

Good Evening Grapple Fans,

It has been a while..

While this wrestling analyst has been away things have been changing somewhat for us wrestling fans here in the UK. One of those big changes is the end of the 30 year partnership between Sky and the WWE. But the WWE themselves are no longer the only players in a crowded market.
In the next three articles we are going to look at some the WWE and Alternatives. With particular note to their coverage within the UK.
So first lets lay out the costs

Super WWE Fan,

A WWE Super Fan would want to see Raw, Smackdown, NXT, PPVS
This now requires BT Sport at a cost of £25 a month for the TV shows,
(Check to see if your Broadband is already with BT for discount here)
£10 a month for the WWE Network for PPVs
Total Yearly Cost of £420

WWE Light
WWE Network for recap packages, PPV and NXT £10
Total Yearly Cost of £120

All Elite Wrestling

Shows are shown next day (Thursdays) ITVPlayer , Usually Friday nights via traditional TV on ITV4 and a 1hr recap on ITV Monday nights. All ITV options are Free To Air in the UK
Additionally this option is available via Freeview one of the UK’s largest reaching platforms.
PPVs are £14.95 per PPV on ITV Box Office / Fite app.
Total Yearly Cost £89.94 Per Year

Impact Wrestling

Impact Shows are shown on Fight Network Showcase Sky or Freesat. Sky Subscription not required.
Impact also runs on 5 Star with Freeview Coverage.
PPVs £15 via Fite for Live, 6 PPV per year
Total for live PPV £90 per year
PPVs are repeated on a delay on Fight Network UK Freesat
Impact Wrestling is the only UK Wrestling company with complete coverage Free to Air!

Ring of Honour

ROH TV is available via Fight app or Fight Network UK on Freesat
ROH Club VIP Required for PPV’s
Total Yearly Cost Honour Club VIP £89.96 Per year


Weekly TV for this brilliantly Retro show are on Youtube Free.
PPVs is where it gets pricey The UK Cost is about £12 a PPV that look to be going monthly.
No streaming “all in” so a cost of a whopping £144 per year.

We will look into some of these promotions more soon. Happy New Year Readers.

The Wrestling Analyst