The Wrestling Hero (Spring 3of9)

The wrestling Hero. If done correctly the biggest draw for any promotion. Take a
look at the average Raw broadcast and watch John Cena battling against the
odds  More on our orange / purple / red  T shirted cape crusader in a moment.
John Cena – only the tights and cape are missing.

The hero’s journey is just as entertaining in wrestling as it can be in movies
or in comics. The right hero story can become a cash cow Juggernaut. We can’t
cover the heroes without going back to Hogan

HULK HOGAN was as bigger hero in the 80s as Flash Gordon, Superman
or the Thundercats. His work at Wrestlemania 3 being the most popular example.
Baddie after baddie tried and fell. Slaughter, Flair, Savage, Undertaker. Each
main event became similar to an episode of the sixties Batman series.
How profitable it must have been for Vince JR to have judged his audience so well.
The WWF and it’s first real hero story.

BRET HART   The Hitman was an excellent role model.
His message for the majority of his career was uplifting and posative.  
For me he was a more believable hero. Gone were the comic like punches and
the popeye style comebacks. If it wasn’t believable that the seven foot giant would tap
 to the sharpshooter he used a roll up or another believable finish.
Whether this was as profitable as their previous red and yellow mascot is as debatable
as it ever was. I thoroughly recommend both the documentary Wrestling with Shadows
and Bret’s book Hitman.

“It’s so hard to find a hero any place… I stood up for that Hitman character” Bret Hart wrestling with shadows 1997

JOHN CENA came at a difficult time. Right after the attitude era there was no acceptance
for a clear cut hero. With great difficulty he has managed to become the latest and the most
complex WWE hero story.

The most iconic wrestling image of the last century in my opinion was watching Cena walk into
the Hammerstien ballroom in New York in front of the die-hard ECW / attitude era fans to nothing
but jeers and boos. The crowd so angry that signs promised a riot if he won.

I guess John in the words of the dark knight

“You either die a hero or see yourself live long enough to become a villain” Harvey Dent

Next time we look at the wrestling B Show