Titans Season 2: An interesting take

Welcome to a new set of reviews.

First my aims here. I don’t want to be critical for the sake of being critical . If you haven’t watched the items I review I really advise you to  make up your own mind.  The fact the article is here meant I felt strongly about this particular piece of media. Think of this review as if you “asked my opinion”.

I warn you however, with my opinion comes Full  Spoilers

Titans has this unique take on some of the DC Characters.
A different take on a character that makes you question everything you think you know.

From the famous f%$ck Batman in the trailer of season one to Dick Grayson’s views that he was weaponized as a child by Bruce. It’s very hard to argue with his logic and it paints Bruce in a not so favourable light. Much Like Joker did with Thomas Wayne I see this as a trend we are likely to see more as time goes on. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a little intriguing to see the Wayne’s in a more non saintly light.

In true comic logic, Dick then goes on to make the same mistakes (kinda) with his band of misfits the Titans.

Raven plays a key part in season one, and the character is a fantastic concept. Imagine the powers of a god were given  to a slightly awkward teenage girl.
Other team members Gar, Starfire, Wonder Girl, Hawk and Dove really shouldn’t work as well as they do. Powers include Super strength, a truth whip, and  the ability to turn into a freaking tiger! Yeah you read that right the first time. Another character happens to be royalty from anther planet

Season 2 adds Superboy complete with krypto the super-dog.
So we are heading  that far into the fantastical here. Somehow it mostly manages to pull all this off without coming across as silly and somehow maintaining a dark tone. It wont be for everyone, and in truth probably won’t attract those not already comic fans. After two seasons however, I’m looking forward to some more. That’s got to be a good sign right?
Review Score 4/5