Ubuntu What Works and What Doesn’t

So we have covered the install. Sooner or later you end up with a nice clean desktop

Looks good doesn’t it. I know as a Windows user i Found it easy to locate things like system settings and Office. Office would have costed me a fortune but Libre is installed and working from the start. On most PC’s you also find a nice fast boot up time. Great! These are all great reasons to use Ubuntu. For me these positives far outweigh the negatives. But were going to have to talk about the negatives. Because at some point you are likely to bump into them. 

– Usually Faster Then Windows 

-No additional virus protection needed

-Less susceptible to Mall-ware, Spyware 

-Comes with Office Package and loads of other software, 

– Comes with updates at no additional costs,

-You don’t need to pay anything or even register if you don’t want IT’S FREE 

– Online forums provide a lot of tech support if needed.

-Despite what you may have heard the desktop is easy to use 



There are alternatives. There’s great Music software in their already. (For Audio Video I really rate VLC which is available from the software center free!) But Plug in your Ipod as one of my family did and you will find that.. It doesn’t work. A quick internet search shows that this is by design. Apple have stopped their products signing in with anything other than Itunes. There are ways round. I suggest googling Wine and / or Virtual Machine but I just decided to avoid all things Apple.

Now if you still have that windows partition from the install the Ipod can be authenticated with that. 

If it’s just music / Video there are plenty of other services you could migrate too. 



Video’s that need Silverlight Player won’t work. Again there are ways round but things like Sky Now and Amazon VOD probably won’t work. Personally I use a dedicated player for these on my TV now. I think most people do. But it’s a drawback that is useful to know about.



This ones changing. Initially Ubuntu did not have games support save for a few indie games. Now Steam support Linux and games like Football Manager will play (I know that was a big deal in our household). It’s still worth being aware though that some games will not work on Ubuntu. For older games playonlinux or Wine are worth playing with, but realistically bear with it. Gamin is changing and Ubuntu will be a part of that. 


Next Time we will get to know Ubuntu a little better.