WCW December 1995 Blayze puts WWF Woman’s title in the trash. And NJPW Vs WCW at Starrcade


December featured WCW’s number one PPV Starrcade and in 1995 the company did something different with their flagship event.

Months ago there had been rumblings of Japanese talent being kept from the WCW worldwide TV program (not the UK version which appeared much later). What they came up with was the idea of a world cup of wrestling and a card that featured stars from WCW and NJPW going head to head.


When compared to WWF’s lackluster IYH Seasons beatings the WCW looked to be the more exciting promotion at this time. The involvement of NJPW gave the event an important big match feel and more importantly it made the event feel different to the previous ones before it.


The event featured a series of matches where NJPW wrestlers would go against WCW wrestlers. The promotion that won the most matches won the series. Although wrestling at this point was pretty much outed as entertainment it was good to see this kind of thing occurring.


The fault here is that WCW did not hype the Japanese tournament much on Nitro. Instead Nitro focused on the triangle match between Flair, Sting, and Luger with the winner getting a title shot the same night against Savage.


The Starrcade event saw no hulk hogan after he continuously caught WCW referees while brawling with the Giant. Effectively this gave the WCW fans a bit of a rest from the Hogan, Dungeon, Giant feud. But given how bigger star Hogan was in the nineties it must have hurt to not have featured him on the event.


Once we got to Starrcade the triangle match ended with both Sting and Luger counted out. Sting could have made it back to the ring but was unable to because Luger pulled him back. In the Storyline the emphasis was on how this would effect their friendship. Ric Flair went on to win the WCW world title for the third time. Flair had been a world champion with the NWA previous to WCW as well as a WWF world champion and the crowd at Starrcade reacted positively to the title change. This despite the fact it came from interference from his good buddy Arn Anderson.


The WCW won against NJPW however none of the WCW under card were booked to win clean. Furthermore there was a little controversy involving the US championship. For the duration of the NJPW angle a Japanese wrestler named Sasaki had held the US championship. After Starrcade the camera continued to roll for Sasaki Vs The one man gang. Gang won the match but Sasaki’s foot was on the ropes. Gang celebrated with the title but the referee called for a match restart. Sasaki emerged victorious. However when the match aired on WCW Saturday Night the match restart was never shown and Sasaki’s victory was not acknowledged by WCW.


A defining moment I the escalating conflict between the WWF and the WCW happened on December 18th 1995. WWF Womans champion Alundra Blayze under the character name Madusa appeared on Nitro with the WWF Woman’s title. Then on Live TV she proceeded to put the belt in a trash can. That incarnation of the WWF Womans title belt was never seen again. The move was seen as a low shot. But it was bringing in the viewers.