WCW Nitro May 1997


Despite winning the ratings war in 1997 the WCW did not reach much new ground in May. It’s main event players Hogan, Savage, and Sting were wrestling part time schedules for one reason or another and as a result the WCW relied more on their mid card and one or two star rivalries.

Hogan and a lot of the bigger stars featured on the May 5th edition of Nitro but were not present for the rest of the month. The main event of the Slamboree PPV saw the N.W.O loosing a main event to Flair Piper and Kevin Greene. The month also saw DDP and Savage rival.



The N.W.O brought in the Great Muta from the sister N.W.O faction in Japan. He acted as an active N.W.O mid card wrestler. Although it kept the N.W.O presence on Nitro (coupled with plenty of interviews) it seemed a pretty confusing move.


On one addition of Nitro the Giant took on three men in one match at the same time. This was pretty new at the time and is a tactic that wrestling uses to great effect today to get some of their bigger “monsters” over with the crowd. It was a pretty impressive statement and continued to build the Giant as a contender for the championship. WCW is not noted for making many new stars and as this month showed they struggled without their regular band of wrestlers. Still the N.W.O brought in enough viewers. This was more true now WCW was teasing tension in the ranks for the faction.


So with the lack of main event matches the under card were given the spotlight inside the ring. Names like Mysterio, and Malenko wrestled weekly. William Regal was solidifying his “lord” gimmick on an impressive run with the TV title. Other characters were not catching on quite as well.



WCW’s Glacier was… Well Mortal Kombat’s Sub Zero character. The outfit he wore was practically identical and it was open that WCW had used the video game series as inspiration. This month also saw the début of manager Ernest “the cat” Miller.