WCW February 1997 Savage Joins the N.W.O, Tag titles controversy again, Piper V Hogan


WCW featured of of the richest most diverse rosters ever assembled at that time. There were many great wrestling matches at the start of 1997. There was a rivalry between Mysterio and Regal. Names like Benoit, Guerrero and Malenko kept producing the majority of Nitro’s wrestling matches with the older, and at the time more established names participating in the N.W.O, WCW feud. At that moment the feud was still the hottest thing in wrestling. But fans wanted to see things progress.


WCW continued upping the mystery of who was or was not with the N.W.O. In an episode of Nitro Randy Savage who had not been seen for a while was seen with Sting in the crowd. The questions began being fired was Savage with WCW or was he with the N.W.O


The Sting storyline was a slow building one, but one that WCW were doing right. With Savage there was similar intrigue and the possibility of getting answers faster.


The N.W.O had other targets for the SuperBrawl event it was announced that Rowdy Roddy Piper would get his shot at Hogans title. This time it would be a title match and everyone was sure of that.


Also at Superbrawl Giant and Luger were to go for the tag titles held by scheming outsiders Hall and Nash. When Superbrawl arrived Luger did not come to the ring to start the match leaving his tag partner the Giant to go against Hall and Nash. Later in the match Luger ran to the ring helping the Giant beat the Outsiders to become new tag team champions!!


So it seemed. In what seemed like a repeat from the previous month Bishoff overturned the decision. He stated that Luger was not medically cleared to compete and because of this the contest was void. Hall and Nash remained the tag team champions for another month.


The main event of Superbrawl saw Hogan go against Piper for the WCW title. The match featured a botched finish when the referee restarted the match due to Hogan’s foot being under the rope. The problem was that Savage was to pull Hogans foot under the ropes joining the N.W.O but he was there too late. After Hogan won the match Savage and Hogan attacked Piper leaving no doubt that Savage had joined the N.W.O


The stage seemed set for the next few months. Hogan would take on whoever that months challenger was. But the real threat to the N.W.O was stalking him. Watching from the audience or in the rafters. It would be a while getting there but the WCW were playing the hype card a lot and at that point it was a big story.