WCW Nitro July 1996 A New Word Organisation

Early July saw what WCW would call the lowest shot ever given to professional
wrestling. The match was set for the outsiders Scot Hall and Kevin Nash along with their
mystery third man to take on three of WCWs best. Luger, Sting and Savage. There were
other matches on 7th July Ric Flair defeated Konnan to become the new united states
champion and Malenko retained his title over disco inferno. None of this mattered much
as WCW had put great emphasis on the main event that appeared to casual fans to be the
WWF against the WCW.


There had been some speculation on Nitro that Luger was the third man on Hall and
Nash’s team. It didn’t seem to be the case however as part of the way through the match
Luger was seemingly injured and taken away on a stretcher. The match was down to two
on two with Hall and Nash having the upper hand. Then Hulk Hogan made his way to the
ring to save team WCW. As he came to the ring Bobby Heenan asked
“Yeah but who’s side is he on?”

The comment has since been edited from repeats of the match but I feel it was important
given his long history with Hogan. Hogan made it to the ring, Hall and Nash seemed to
back off.


Then Hogan gave his signature leg drop to Savage. The third man stuff made sense and
Hogan ended the super hero role he had been playing since the early eighties. It was a
truly surreal moment in wrestling. There were children in attendance. Many had brought
Hogan signs, toy’s and T shirts. The crowd here angry that their hero had turned on them
and began to fill the ring with trash.


Hogan grabbed the microphone.

“As far as I am concerned all this crap in the ring represents you fan’s out there”



Hogan went on to blame the fans for turning on him. Finally acknowledging some of the
booing we had heard on Nitro broadcasts. He claimed that Hall, Nash and himself were
the future of professional wrestling and called themselves the New World Order.


As far as Nitro went the night after the outsiders were not present. However Luger and
Savage cut a promo. Savage said Hogan had killed Hulkamania himself. It took until the
following week for Hogan to appear on Nitro. Hall and Nash covered over the WCW
letters with NWO. Hogan talked about Savage blaming his divorce on Hogan and how he
was not going to waste time with Luger or Savage. He wanted the Giant at the Hog Wild
pay per view.


The following week has become somewhat iconic of the NWO. While a match was
going on in the ring they went back to the production truck and caused havoc with the
production of the show. It looked very real and was very innovative for the time It was

announced that at Hog Wild Hall and Nash would face Luger and Sting.

It’s fair to say that Nitro was largely written around Hogan’s betrayal and the hostile
take over. It was the biggest story in Wrestling for a long time and remains one of the
more impactful moments in wrestling history. Ric Flair continued wrestling as did
Malenko, Mysterio, Benoit, and the Dungeon. The world champion the Giant continued
to dominate his opponents and there was a lot of excitement going into Hog Wild. The
WCW audience had seen Hogan take on the Giant. But never in the roles they were
now in. Hogan was the most hated man in pro wrestling. More importantly he was very
reinvent again in his latest reinvention.