WCW – November 1996 – Sting in the Rafters, WW3, Will Piper face Hogan? Bishoff behind N.W.O


The WCW began building towards a Hogan Vs Piper match however they were very sparing in their use of Piper. They explained that Eric Bishoff was trying to sign the match. Hogan cut a promo on Nitro telling the fans that Piper was in fact afraid of Hogan. It was clear to the viewer that their paths would cross soon.


Piper then exposed Eric Bishoff as being behind the N.W.O. He went to attack Bishoff and was stopped by each member of the N.W.O. Then Hogan hugged Bishoff.

Eric was the boss of WCW so the revelation came with great significance. Piper was to get a WCW contract at WW3 but of course it would come with the obligatory N.W.O attack.


Then WCW switched gears as it was coming up to the World War Three PPV.


The theme running through Nitro was again that of the N.W.O against the WCW. This month Jeff Jarrett began calling himself a horseman and saying he would take the lead in the WCW fight against the N.W.O his target was The Giant. This led to a match between the two at WW3 where Jarrett was unsuccessful.


Chris Jericho would continue his feud with the N.W.O via referee Nick Patrick. It ended with a display of showmanship (featuring very little wrestling) at WW£.


The N.W.O would continue their dominance at the PPV event with The Giant went on to to not only defeat Jarrett but to also win the WW3 battle Royal making him the new number one contender. The only problem here is that he was the number one contender to Hogan’s world title and they were both members of the N.W.O


Members of the horseman and the Dungeon fought into the crowd during the battle royal before the match had even began.


WCW was an exciting but confusing product at this time. The N.W.O storyline was still at the hart of the show but the bulk of in ring action was taken by matches I the cruiserweight devision which involved Rey, Malenko, and Psychosis. The tag devision continued to be booked pretty well with N.W.O Hall and Nash at it’s center. They feuded with the Nasty Boys and the Dudgeon tag team now going under the name of the Faces of Fear (Barberian and Meng)


One of the more memorable parts of the month came early. November 4th edition of Nitro saw Sting stood in the rafters watching the N.W.O. Luger asked Sting to talk to him about what was going on. However the matter remained unresolved. Then Sting would interfere helping the Giant against Jarrett at WW3


Sting was being booked well here. Staying out of the day to day battle of WCW Vs N.W.O he was building intrigue and being honest it was one of the few things in wrestling we had not seen before.