WCW Monday Nitro October 1995 Hogan plays around in a Monster Truck, Flair Plays dirty and a main event heel turn


WCW this month featured further hints as to what direction it was headed. After being attacked by the Giant at the conclusion of the Fall Brawl, Hogan appeared on Nitro on the 9th October dressed in black. The fans in attendance booed him. This was despite Hogan being booked as a face. Not just a face, THE face, on WCW’s card that night.


The program between Hogan and the Giant would continue when Hogan challenged the Giant to a Monster Truck challenge at Halloween Havoc. Yes. You read that right. A Monster Truck challenge. I’m not making this up! After the Monster Truck match the two would then compete in a championship match later that same night.


Also this month Savage and Luger continued their feud in the build up to Havoc. They didn’t trust each other so the stipulation was made was that if Savage could beat Dungeon member The Zodiac and if Luger could beat Dungeon member Meng than the two would square off later that night.


There was a storyline that involved Ric Flair getting beaten by Arn Anderson and then being beaten down constantly by Arn and Brian Pillman. Flair called on Sting for help but to begin with Sting did not trust Flair. The match was set as Arn and Pillman to face Flair and Sting.


Again the stars of Nitro were the undercard. October saw the debut of Dean Malenko who was matched up against Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero also had a fight with Chris Benoit on the October 16th episode of Nitro. Malenko was not the only new member of the roster that month. We got teasers for a wrestler called the Yeti.


Nitro’s undercard were bankable here as far as match quality. The main event picture between Hogan and the Giant had the hallmarks of a typical WCW feud. I always remember turning over to TNT on Friday nights and feeling frustrated at the lack of clear winners and losers. True the WWF had it’s fair share of false finishes at this time as well. Things, however, were about to get more entertaining and also more confusing.


The date of Halloween Havoc arrived and many WCW fans have parted with their hard earned cash. Us Brits didn’t get the option to view live but we had a highlights package on the next Nitro.



Somewhat predictably Savage and Luger won their respective matches. They had a short match with Savage coming out as the winner. Ric Flair then turned on Sting reuniting with his horseman buddy Arn Anderson, plus Brian Pillman.


Hogan beat the Giant in the Monster Truck match They then got into a confrontation on top of the building which led to Hogan knocking the Giant off of the top.


Later that night the Giant walks down to the ring for his title match with no explanation given to as how he is alive and uninjured. We saw him fall from a height that frankly should have left him dead! You’d think this was messy enough but oh no. We’re talking WCW here aren’t we?


Jimmy Hart, Hogan’s manager, hit the referee with the title belt causing a disqualification ending. He then turns on Hogan, and ends up as the manager of the Dungeon of Doom. Then the Yeti arrives and attacks Hogan along with the Giant.


Savage runs down to make the save but Luger turns on him. Luger puts Hogan in the torture rack and joins the Dungeon of Doom. Then the Giant and Jimmy Hart left with the World Title.


What was going on?!


The month contained two heel turns which, although teased, seemed a little excessive. That said they came at a time when the audience were not as used to them as they are now. Still it must have been quite difficult for the casual viewer trying to keep track of who was good and who was bad and who was sided with whom. Thankfully WCW was blessed with good announce teams.


If it wasn’t for them we’d have all had it!