Nitro September 1996 Sting to the N.W.O? N.W.O Nitro, War Games



By September 1996 the story-lines in WCW revolved around the hostile take over of the NWO.
With the ex WWF stars Razor Ramon and Diesel now under their real names Hall and Nash and the
betrayal of Hulk Hogan the WCW were winning the ratings wars with the most shocking story of


The question now was where would Hogan go with this. His heel turn had catapulted him to the
WCW world title which he won from the Giant. He then stated in a promo that the NWO would
expand and we began to see more evidence in September of the spread of the poisonous NWO


It started on 2nd September edition of Nitro when Ted Dibiase who had previously managed the
million dollar cooperation in the WWF came through the crowd on Nitro and took a seat at ringside
to much speculation. He was chased to the NWO limo by Luger and Sting who then took a vehicle
to peruse the NWO. Later the same night former champion the Giant turned on his Dungeon team
and joined the NWO. It looked like he was going to help his dungeon team mates. Hogan told the
crowd how Ted Dibiase had arraigned the meeting between the Giant and Hogan leading to the
Giant’s defection.


The story led into War Games where the NWO made it seem like Sting had defected. The
Horsemen led by US champion Ric Flair continually asked Luger where Sting was during segments
on Nitro. The war games match itself furthered the story. It did appear that Sting was with the
NWO that was until the real sting made his way to the ring. Sting beat down the NWO before
cutting a promo asking if it was “real enough” for his WCW tag team partners. He then walked
away presumably from the WCW leaving his team to loose War Games. Hogan would attack Randy
Savage and spray paint Miss Elizabeth.


The Fall Brawl / WW3 much like Nitro was backed by a strong under card. Rey Mysterio went
against fellow Mexican wrestler Calo. He defended his cruserweight championship. Harlem heat
retained also against a legendary tag team in the nasty boys.

Back on Nitro on 16th September the night after WW3 and former WWF star 123 kid joins the
NWO. This time WCW commentators make it very clear that Sean Waltman formally the 123 kid is
no longer employed by the WWF.


23rd September edition of Nitro was a memorable one. The NWO had put out an advertisement
for NWO Nitro. They had won the right for their own episode on Nitro as a stipulation of the War
Games match. Many of the WCW wrestlers on tour overseas the NWO ran wild. It was a very
effective show that really looked like the NWO had taken over commentary, and ring announcing.
Of course they used this opportunity to do plenty of heel attacks on the WCW wrestlers. Nash
also made a comment on them being the real deal. This was a jibe at the WWF giving two other
wrestlers their gimmicks on RAW


On the last Nitro that month the NWO feud centered around Savage and Hogan. Hogan offered


Elizabeth a “career move” which infuriated long time rival Savage. Also Eric Bishoff vowed that
the NWO’s antics would have to stop and that the biggest mistake he ever made was hiring Hogan.

WCW here have an incredibly exciting month. Some parts of the NWO confused even the most
knowledgeable of wrestling fans into